With thousands of years of practice, acupuncture has treated what ails us. Safe, painless and solution-oriented, acupuncture could help you feel your best. As a third- generation practitioner, Dr Lee treats men, women and children with a whole body approach that combines acupuncture treatment with nutrition, rest and gentle exercise with his unique combination of intelligence, passion and kindness.
Acupressure and acupuncture can treat and cure a wide variety of children's ailments ranging from digestive disorders and allergic responses to ADHD, autism and other neurological developmental issues. Dr Lee uses acupressure stickers for young children.
Acupuncture is extremely effective in helping the body become more fertile. Treating both women and men, Dr Lee can assist couples improve their chances at natural pregnancies as well as improving IUI and IVF success. Treatment is painless and inexpensive compared with alternative treatments.Call for an evaluation appointment today.
 •  Infertility  •  Anxiety
 •  Fatigue  •  Hormonal Imbalance
 •  Women's Health  •  Mood Disorders
 •  Depression  •  Digestive Issues/IBS
 •  Allergies  •  Arthritis
 •  ADHD  •  ED/Libido
 •  Immune Issues  •  Pain
 •  Sleep Disorders  •  Acne
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